What is at your Core?

Two of the most popular reasons for individuals wanting to get more physically active is: a: To lose a few pounds, or b. To tone their frame up {especially with the summer season on the way}. As with most anything in life, it is imperative to have that goal or those certain milestones along the path to get where you desire to be.

We have all seen the pictures of those ‘certain ones’ who want the upper body to be in superb shape, yet they despise leg day and have made the decision to skip it. They treat their lower body as if no one is ever going to get past how big their biceps are to see how disproportionate their body is.
The same could be said about the core. You know, that area that requires sit ups, crunches, planks, and toe touches {to name a few}. Rarely do I ever have a client say, “thank you coach for having me do Russian Twists. May I do a few more?!” For some reason though, I’ve never heard anyone complain when the 6 Pack begins to show up, or that pair of pants they were unable to get in to suddenly fit.

photo-1Some statistics say that 70% of abs are made in the kitchen, while just 30% are made in the gym. In other words, you can do as many sit ups that you want; but if you choose to feed junk into your system all day, all of your hard work will be in vain. With this reality, that brings our minds and hearts into focus.
What we choose to put in will most certainly be the thing that shows outwardly. The question for today is, What is at your core? Working with sports specific athletes, when they realize that their core musculature system is the driving force behind just about every movement they encounter, major changes begin to happen.
This principle applies to us in every walk of life. When you investigate what is at your core, it is remarkable the changes that begin to take place.

photo Athletes are working on speed and agility, which naturally affects their response time to get to the spot on the court or the field quicker than their opponent. Life is the exact same way. When you choose not to spend time on your core values – your core beliefs – the things that matter most, then your opponent {whatever or whoever it may be} will always have the upper hand.

Take a few moments everyday and work on your core. Who or whatever your opponent is, make up in your mind to beat it/them to the spot. You will never be disappointed when the results show up.