There are so many moments in our lives where we feel like we are not understood. Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone, and then all of a sudden you realize that person’s attention is off to something else?

I’ve wondered many times what would have happened if I had asked them to repeat back to me what I just said. But I’ll be honest, there have been times in my own life when I’m glad that person didn’t ask me to do the same.

In the personal training world, everything is built on rapport. The dictionary definition is: a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

It has been said if you find a job you love to do, then you will never ‘work’ a day in your life. It is that something which causes you to enjoy doing your job each day, looking forward to the next. That being said, in reality, every job includes people. You are either working alongside them, or providing a service to them. No matter how much you might want to avoid them, people are everywhere…and another important note; people are human.

People have issues. They have good days and bad, and aren’t perfect. But guess what? That includes us. I can’t help but believe that if we all spent a little more time on building our everyday lives on rapport, we might realize that we are not just working a job, but are actually fulfilling our calling.

photoI was reminded of this a week ago during our Boot Camp for HomeSchool Kids. In the midst of over 20 kids enjoying spring-time temperatures, there was an 8 year old who wanted to take just 2 minutes to tell me about something that had happened to him the previous week. He only wanted me to pray for him this upcoming week.

Sure, we were on a quick water break, and, yes, there were kids running in every direction. Quite honestly, my mind was racing ahead in preparation for the next activity. However, in that moment, everything stopped. All this little guy needed was simply two minutes of focused attention on what he had to say.

I wish I could declare I’ve done this every single time the opportunity presented itself, but it wouldn’t be true. Quite honestly, I would love to go back and get some do-overs. The important thing is what I do from this day forward.

For me as a personal trainer, it is not just about listening to individuals in order to help them get toned or reach athletic performance goals; it is in focused-listening so I can understand them. Because when I understand them, it shows I genuinely care. And believe me, people can tell the difference.

This makes me wonder, what would happen in our world if every single person decided they didn’t have to get up and go to ‘work’ tomorrow, but instead got to go out and care about people?


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