Why Today?

I read a statement recently that said, “It’s not who you are that holds you back. . .it’s who you THINK you are.”

I observe this on a daily basis with my sports-specific athletes as they grind through speed, agility, and strength movements. I hear it when talking with potential new clients as we discuss their age, weight, or lack of physical activity in the past. And then it becomes even more evident after the first few days in the start of their process toward physical health.

I ask the question “Why today?” almost immediately of someone who comes to me for accountability and assistance in reaching their fitness goals. “What was the one ‘thing’ that caused you to decide,
‘Today is the day’?”


The reason I ask this is to find out what the motivational factor was for them in making the choice to change today. I want to understand because this road to health and wellness is not one to be entered into haphazardly. More often than not, it’s the road-less-travelled.

Think about it for a moment: How many times have we made the decision to change things, only to find ourselves falling out of our new routine after just a few weeks?

This journey toward authentic health and physical fitness is not proved by how many ‘burpees’ you can do, or how many pull-up’s you can complete. {Although there’s nothing wrong with these activities.} But let’s not forget about the other ‘muscle’ that matters when you are deciding to make a change. It’s the muscle that lies right between your ears…your mind.

That’s the reason I ask “Why today?”, because your answer is what’s going to carry you through when your body doesn’t want to do another repetition. It will be the ‘thing’ you turn to when the late-night cravings show up. According to statistics, 70% of individuals who begin a fitness plan give up. But when you know the answer to this question, you will no longer be included in that 70%. Not this time.

I’ve learned that everyone has a story. So when we have reached the end of our journey, what story will our life have revealed to the generation behind us?

And if you are discouraged by the chapters you’ve written so far, let me ask you, “Why not today?”


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