The Gift of Personal Training

We are quickly approaching the moment when resolutions are made to change something that we desire to be better at. With each dawn of a New Year, we write down, tweet, or even get friends/family to hold us accountable to the commitments we make.

One of the top resolutions made each year is a commitment to health and physical fitness, yet this is one of the first resolutions broken. It’s like the old saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Eating right, working out, and gaining confidence is not an easy process, and the barriers placed before every individual can feel impossible to overcome at times.

It may sound elementary, but I have found I tend to stick with things I enjoy. It is not a difficult decision for me to continue when I actually look forward to something. I call it my pre-vacation attitude. You know the feeling you get just before going on that special trip you have been planning for months? You can’t wait to relax, not worry about anything, and just be free to do what you want.

When I made the decision to become a personal trainer, this pre-vacation attitude is something I wanted to bring to those I am privileged to help. For when you enjoy something, you can’t wait to do it again. I’ve spoken with many who shared the dread they felt whenever it was time to go to the gym. Others mentioned that after a few weeks, they simply lost motivation because they were not seeing the results they were hoping for. In both of these scenarios, I’ve often wondered, “Where is any sign of enjoyment in those statements?”

Whether you are an athlete grinding through off-season workouts, or an adult desiring to drop a few pounds, the point of the process is to find something that will make your experience unforgettable.

On stressful days, instead of lounging on the couch with sad movies and ice cream, you would be amazed at what a 30-minute or hour workout would do for your system. Learning that new movement, or being a few numbers down on the scale the next time you step on it could be that confidence boost you have longed for.

Everyone has that ‘something’ that is the go-to for enjoyment, and at United Fitness, we understand that every athlete and every individual is different. We desire nothing more than to take something you enjoy and bring it to a whole new level.

For Sport Specific Athletes: Our Speed | Strength | Agility program is built upon the individual needs of the person. We want our athletes to enjoy the ‘process of preparation’ as much as they enjoy playing in the games themselves.
For Personal Training clients: We realize the time and effort that goes into making this a part of your daily routine. You not only face the physical challenges of the workouts, but the mental side of things as well. Not everyday will you feel like going and putting yourself through the process. This is why we stress the process of fitness becomes the ‘pre-vacation’ attitude side of things. Embrace the packing; Embrace the preparation; for we are simply putting things together for a life-changing event that is always out in front of us.

For Christmas this year, why not give yourself or someone you love the gift of
Personal Training
We have several package options for you to choose from that would assist in meeting whatever personal goals you desire to reach. If there is anything we can do to help, do not hesitate to contact us at the information listed below. We are presently training at
Optimum 650 Personal Training Studio, located conveniently in the Cool Springs area. We have a few openings available for Baseball Players that are preparing for the upcoming season. By enrolling them now, we can prepare them to be a step ahead by the time Spring practice begins. Group training is also available. There are also a few time slots available for individual personal training, and we would be honored to walk the journey toward physical health and wellness with you.

On behalf of the United Fitness family, thank you for making these past seven months in Nashville such an incredible time. We wish to you and your family a Merry Christmas and the very best this Holiday Season.

Contact Information:
Larry Hill
Email: UnitedFitnessNashville@yahoo(dot)com
Twitter: @UnitedFitNville

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Have Fun.