As I look back over this past month, it has been amazing to see all the changes that have taken place not only for United Fitness itself, but also for our clients.

We have been so excited to welcome new athletes and adults each week to our family, while also seeing major changes in the lives of clients who have been with us since our beginning.

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One client sent us a message this past week that they are within 10lbs of their Thanksgiving goal set a few months back. Without question, it is a true testament to what hard work and commitment can do for those who endure the process.

The effort that our athletes have put in to the workouts over the last month have been next level. Each session brings changes that are thrilling to be a part of. Many of them are just coming out of a fall season, but have wasted no time jumping right in to prepare for the next one.

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Season’s change.

At present, we are in the middle of a beautiful fall season in Nashville while at the same time preparing for winter. Changes are inevitable, not only in the changing of the seasons, but also with our bodies. We are either getting stronger or weaker. We are either getting faster or a step behind.

Preparation is the key. Just as you prepare for the seasons as they change, it is just as vital to prepare the body for the changes of life as they come. Working and training for something is the opposite of hoping for it. If you believe in it with all your heart, then work for it with all your might. (Marc Chernoff)