Celebrating Win(s)

What an incredible week it has been with our sport specific athletes, homeschool boot campers, and our online clients. We have witnessed incredible strides made by our athletes during each session.  To see them tenaciously prepare for their upcoming seasons is such an inspiring thing to be a part of.

Here are a couple pictures and video of a couple of our younger athletes in action:

2013-10-04 14.00.362013-10-04 14.02.56

The homeschool boot campers got the week kicked off by working on their balance and agility. We ran specific drills that focused on the ability to react to instruction, while at the same time working on their core stabilization. We mixed in a whole lot of fun and laughter as well. A few slots are still available if you, or someone you know lives near the Spring Hill – Thompson Station, TN areas, and would like for their students to participate.

2013-09-30 13.22.17-1

Our week was made on Wednesday as we heard from one of our new online clients. During earlier assessments, her hard work has been paying off as she has dropped several pounds along the way. This past week she was weighed again, and has lost another four pounds in just one week. WE LOVE TO CELEBRATE THESE WINS WITH OUR CLIENTS. Hard work and commitment truly does pay off. It is just one step closer to the goal she has set for herself.

Enjoying this process with each of our clients makes us fall in love more and more with what we are privileged to do. We have met so many who simply need an accountability partner that will help them commit to the process and walk the road toward health with them. It is great to be around individuals who are developing that inward motivation to accomplish things they never thought possible.

From the very first day we began, it has been our desire to BELIEVE BIG, but START SMALL. Whether you are an athlete trying to get stronger, faster, and more agile, or someone just wanting to be able to get out and get active, we can help. We understand the commitment it takes to get there . . . BELIEVE BIG and don’t be afraid to start with what you have. Six months from now, BIG dreams can become reality.

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