What can Sport Specific Training do for you?

What can Sport Specific Training do for you?

Baseball players: Your first step movement could be the difference in scoring the winning run. Strong balance and agility could get you to the ground ball that normally is out of reach.

Soccer players: Endurance, Foot Work, Defensive Mechanics, and Speed are the difference between being good and great.

Basketball players: Your lateral movement and agility beats your competitor to the ‘spot’ and you get the charge call. Open ‘looks’ are yours on the offensive end because you put in the work to gain a competitive edge.

Tennis players: Just imagine what a stronger serve could add to your game. Dynamic footwork drills could get you to the baseline shot that has always been just out of reach.


Archery: While it may not seem related, by dedicating to work on balance, by strengthening your core muscular system, and not neglecting upper and lower body strength – bulls-eye!

Sport Specific Speed, Agility, and Strength training works. Not only does it prepare you for the hardwood or ball field, it builds a strong foundation of confidence for every aspect of life. Not to be overlooked, we have a ton of fun in the process.

Football players have prepared for the season that has just begun. Winter and Spring athletes: Let us help you get ready before your time arrives.

Training is offered for every age group of athlete. Group rates are available for teams. Contact us today for details and information. It’s amazing what a difference a small investment can make in the life of a student athlete.

Larry Hill, Owner
662.213.6608 (Cell)


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