Boot Camp – MS | Sport Specific – TN

We had such an incredible time this past Thursday – Saturday as Boot Camp sessions began in Tupelo, MS. Despite the summer humidity, it was great being outdoors. Individuals from Tupelo and other surrounding communities brought tons of energy and passion to the workouts. {We even had some ducks try to join in.}


Assessments were performed on all of our new clients, and each were given the opportunity to share their goals and what they hoped to accomplish over the next few months. It was a joy to come alongside each of these individuals in order to help them reach their dreams.

As soon as the Saturday morning session was complete, we headed back to Nashville for a sports-specific session with DJ. This began his 3rd week of training, and his footwork, agility, and overall speed is getting better and faster each week. DJ treats every session with a game-like mentality, and he constantly reminds himself that his fall baseball schedule is right around the corner, meaning that every drill is putting him one step ahead of his competition. Just by observing him now, you would never know that he was one year removed from a fracture to his right leg. That should tell you everything you need to know about this kids desire to reach the next level.



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