What can Sport Specific Training do for you?

What can Sport Specific Training do for you?

Baseball players: Your first step movement could be the difference in scoring the winning run. Strong balance and agility could get you to the ground ball that normally is out of reach.

Soccer players: Endurance, Foot Work, Defensive Mechanics, and Speed are the difference between being good and great.

Basketball players: Your lateral movement and agility beats your competitor to the ‘spot’ and you get the charge call. Open ‘looks’ are yours on the offensive end because you put in the work to gain a competitive edge.

Tennis players: Just imagine what a stronger serve could add to your game. Dynamic footwork drills could get you to the baseline shot that has always been just out of reach.


Archery: While it may not seem related, by dedicating to work on balance, by strengthening your core muscular system, and not neglecting upper and lower body strength – bulls-eye!

Sport Specific Speed, Agility, and Strength training works. Not only does it prepare you for the hardwood or ball field, it builds a strong foundation of confidence for every aspect of life. Not to be overlooked, we have a ton of fun in the process.

Football players have prepared for the season that has just begun. Winter and Spring athletes: Let us help you get ready before your time arrives.

Training is offered for every age group of athlete. Group rates are available for teams. Contact us today for details and information. It’s amazing what a difference a small investment can make in the life of a student athlete.

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8/22/13 – Sport Specific Training (Nashville)

This week started off with some bad news concerning one of our athletes. D.J. was enjoying going through some baseball drills with his friends, when a freak thing happened and his arm was broken. The next day, he had to endure surgery to put a rod and screws into his arm. We were thankful to hear that everything with his surgery went well and he will be back at it in no time. We have never met anyone tougher than this young man, and ask that everyone keep him in your thoughts as he recovers.

Rylie (10) began work with us this past week in preparation for fall baseball. Even though he is a Vanderbilt fan, we still like him. 🙂 He has brought an incredible passion to his sessions, and loves to learn. The video below is a lateral let-go drill that works on his lateral strength/footwork as well as his first step movement to sprint. The next 6 weeks for this young man will be special to watch.

Savannah (11) has turned her training toward fall soccer. We have had the privilege to work with her for over 7 weeks now, and have grown to appreciate her drive. She shows up every session ready to work and leaves with nothing left in the tank.

These are just a couple of the Nashville area athletes that we are privileged to work with on a weekly basis. They are learning not only how to get faster, quicker, and stronger at their sport, they are gaining confidence in themselves that is going to benefit them for years to come. To be a small part of that is incredibly humbling.

If you would like more information about our services, feel free to email us: unitedfitnessnashville@yahoo(dot)com

Boot Camp – MS | Sport Specific – TN

We had such an incredible time this past Thursday – Saturday as Boot Camp sessions began in Tupelo, MS. Despite the summer humidity, it was great being outdoors. Individuals from Tupelo and other surrounding communities brought tons of energy and passion to the workouts. {We even had some ducks try to join in.}


Assessments were performed on all of our new clients, and each were given the opportunity to share their goals and what they hoped to accomplish over the next few months. It was a joy to come alongside each of these individuals in order to help them reach their dreams.

As soon as the Saturday morning session was complete, we headed back to Nashville for a sports-specific session with DJ. This began his 3rd week of training, and his footwork, agility, and overall speed is getting better and faster each week. DJ treats every session with a game-like mentality, and he constantly reminds himself that his fall baseball schedule is right around the corner, meaning that every drill is putting him one step ahead of his competition. Just by observing him now, you would never know that he was one year removed from a fracture to his right leg. That should tell you everything you need to know about this kids desire to reach the next level.