7/31/13 – Sport Specific Training (Nashville)

We have been dodging rain drops this week with our sport specific athletes. Had sessions with Savannah (11) and DJ (12) this morning as they continued their preparation for fall sports. This was only DJ’s second session and his footwork and speed is already changing.

They both went through warm up – speed ladder – cone agility drills – sprint work. What I love about the video’s below: Due to wet grass, Savannah lost her footing as she entered the sprint portion of the drill. From the beginning, we have constantly reminded the students to FINISH. Other than something medical, every drill should be completed. LOVE that Savannah finished the drill she started despite losing her footing.

DJ is in his first week of training. A year ago, he suffered a very serious injury that he has worked incredibly hard to recover from. He has brought a passion and desire to get back to the place he was before the injury. It is going to be fun watching his progress over the next few weeks. So proud of both these Nashville area athletes.

We still have slots available for individual training such as this, as well as group training for entire teamsBe fit. Be Healthy. Have Fun. 


7/24/13 – Sport Specific Training (Nashville)

We had the opportunity to work with Max (13) and Savannah (11) yesterday in the Nashville area. These two have brought an amazing effort each session, and their hard work is paying off. Below are a couple examples of ladder drills that they are working on.

Sport Specific Speed / Agility / Strength Training is for athletes of all ages. Each session is designed specifically for movements the athlete will encounter in his / her sport. This program will change not only the performance of the athlete on the field, it will build confidence within them in every aspect of life. The atmosphere of each session is supportive and fun, but it will also challenge them to push through to a whole new level of performance.

Contact us today for pricing and schedule information. 

United Fitness Nashville (Expanding)

The success we have experienced thus far in Nashville has been humbling to be a part of. Having the opportunity to cultivate new relationships in these last couple months has been so exciting. Due to this success, we have been given the opportunity to expand.

Beginning the first week of August, we will begin offering Boot Camp | Sport Specific | Personal Training services to the Tupelo, MS area. To inquire about pricing and schedule information, contact us at: UnitedFitnessNashville@yahoo{dot}com. Go over to Facebook and like our page for motivation, periodic nutrition information, and updates.


How United Fitness Began

(Here is my husband’s story) Over 12 years ago my husband made a life-changing decision to began the long process of getting his weight to a healthier amount. He came across a picture in a magazine of a man who lived a very-fit lifestyle, and realized that if he continued down the out-of-shape path he was traveling, he was going to do a disservice to both me and our soon-to-be-born son…mainly because an unhealthy lifestyle isn’t enjoyable. {Besides the fact that it often limits what you can do.}

He began eating healthier and over the years found a fitness regimen that helped him to keep his weight-loss maintained. Within the last two years though, he started doing boot camps with Get Fit Boot Camp of Harford County in Maryland, run by Jeff Brochu, and took his healthy living to a completely different level. He fell in love with not only keeping his body in the best shape possible, but also in finding enjoyment in the process, which is an important piece in maintaining good health practices.

So when we moved to Nashville – due to the foundation he gained while working with Jeff Brochu at Get Fit – my husband was able to begin his own fitness company, United Fitness of Nashville, for the sole purpose of creating the very same life-changing fitness opportunities for others. He loves what he does and I am so proud of the choice he made 12 years ago to give our now family of five a chance to enjoy a healthy husband/father.

If you are in the Nashville area and would love to join him in his continuing journey toward health and fitness, please email him at UnitedFitnessNashville@yahoo{dot}com for further information. It is the greatest gift you can give to those around you to be in the best shape possible, and it honors God when you take good care of the gift He gave you…the only body you’ll ever have. (Susan Hill)Image